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Maybe you are not familiar with Energy Healing, don't worry, you are not alone.

To start with, Energy Healing is associated with natural holistic healing or a healing where pharmaceutical drugs and medical surgeries fails. 

Energy Healing is a natural form of healing in which a practitioner serves as a channel for Universal Life Force. The practitioner opens himself/herself as a channel for an energy that comes from a higher source to aid healing or correct a person's aura. This is reflected as healthy vibrations for the body, mind, and soul or the Chakras.

To have an idea of how the healing process is conducted, here is an example: usually, the healer places the hands on special energy centers to bring them into balance and harmony. Gentle vibrations are channeled onto the recipient and they are felt as tingling sensations. Such sensations are signals to the inner nerves. veins, muscles and cells to wake up to the universal life force energy. Such awakening brings alignment of all the entire body with the inner true consciousness which is always alive and healthy. This happens in a mechanical way and instantly when the appropriate signals are sent and received.

You are not the first one to fall in depression, nor the last. Why wait!

Have the chance of healing your inner precious cells, eliminating depression and the source of all disease. Feel free to contact us now for a free consultation.


Description: http://www.24montreal.org
Description: http://www.24montreal.org